Import and export requirement

In order to proceed import & export customs, the goods has to meet requirement in accordance with relevant law. SKYBRDIGE provides following requirement procuracy service

  • Inspection & Quarantine
    Inspection and quarantine procuracy on processed food, Food additive, Container, Health supplement product, marine product, plant, livestock products, live animals, forage etc.
  • Health and safety certification and self-assessed certification
    Apply for the health and safety certification and identical product model in accordance with Quality control and safety management of industrial products act(KC Certification etc.)
  • Broadcasting and communications equipment technical criteria examination
    Apply for technical examination, pre-customs declaration approval, exemption of technical examination of broadcasting and telecommunication equipment and radio equipment
  • Standard clearance forecast report
    Procuracy service of standard clearance forecast report application on Cosmetics, medical supplies, sanitary aid and review importation requirement