Customs and duty drawback

  • Highest number of import & export customs declaration record for 5 consecutive year in Korea (124 Billion in 2014)

  • Use of import & export customs computing system
    SKYBRIDGE operates all import & export customs declaration and customer management by our independently developed programs.
    Customs declaration program
    Import and export data entry on our programs and declares on EDI → Prompt customs clearance and data management
    RMS(Risk Management System)
    Risk management system independently developed by SKYBRIDGE → Automatic management by each clearance process such as HS Classification, Duty rate, Customs value and other risk which can be occurred during the customs clearance process → Prevention of risk factors and error reoccurrence
    CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
    SKYBRIDGE customer management program → Customized management based on needs of existing and new customer
  • Duty drawback
    Since South Korea positively promotes exportation, it has the system that reimburse the customs duty on import raw materials used to manufacture exporting goods.
    Drawback pre-analysis
    Analysis on duty drawback law-abiding risk, estimation of drawback amount
    Drawback training
    Increase customer’s understanding by drawback training
    Drawback application process
    Provide customized drawback solution and application → Maximize customer benefit